A variety of services and capabilities are provided on the beach (only 20 meters from the hotel) where you can try your skills at water sports, rent small boats (pedalos and canoes) and types of marine equipment and enjoy endless hours of fun and relaxation.
There is a remarkable market in the region of Paralia with several large variety of gifts, souvenirs and luxury items (leather goods, jewelry, clothing, etc.), and the nightlife with countless bars and nightclubs that complete the image of tourist region and promise to make your holiday experience unique and make the simple passerby, a regular guest and friend of us all.

The access is direct and easy to the town of Katerini and to the sights in the area such as:
Archaeological Sites and the Museum of Dion and Vergina with the famous Macedonian tombs. The mountain of the gods of Olympus with rich historical and ecological interest (Olympus National Park, Monastery of St. Denis). The ski center of Elatochori in Pieria Mountains. Daily organized tours from Paralia to visit Meteora, to have a cruise to Mount Athos, to visit the thermal baths in Pozar of Aridea, or the waterfalls of Edessa and much more.

Olympus Riviera


In Greece, you are standing at a crossroads of cultures, colours and civilisations, you feel the strength of history and the warmth of being in the southernmost part of Europe, you discover an evolutionary process of thought, influence and experience.
Greece is a country of beautiful contradictions, a constant journey in time, from the present to the past and back again.
In Greece the fusion of images becomes more than imagery and turns into reality.

Various distances from Paralia to other
destinations in PIERIA and GREECE

To Greece

Athens                  440 km
Meteora                 135 km
Vergina                  70 km
Mt. Athos               210 km
Delphi                  380 km
Edessa                   95 km
Larissa                  85 km
Thessaloniki             70 km

To Pieria

Katerini                  7 km
Dion (Ancient city)      25 km
Mt. Olympous             30 km
Elatohori (Ski center)   45 km
Pydna (Ancient City)     30 km
Old Panteleimon Village  40 km
Platamon Castle          30 km
Rapsani(Village&wineries)45 km
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